Game programming using Python – The timer game!

Well!!! I always wanted to program games. And now with the help of coursera…yeah i’m studiying to do some…;)

I’m providing a link to a game i’ve coded as part of completing the coursera assignment. The coding is done in python with simplegui module and the code runs on an online compiler designed specifically for the course but is also accessible to the public.

Once you click on the link provided above you’ll be directed to the Codeskulptor page where i’ve done the coding. Click on the “Play” button to run the code. The game is simple and u might feel it as an incomplete one(because its not complete – u’ll have to play multiplayer by pressing reset button when players change). Click on the start button and the timer will start. Your objective is to stop the timer at whole numbers. ie., for example you’ll have to stop the timer at 0:01.0 or 00.09.0 or 1:28.0 etc. The top right corner shows your score in the format successfull stops / total tries. As told before it won’t choose any winner but will only runs the game for ever.

Thanks to the coursera team for providing such wonderful courses for free. Waiting to code more…:)


This is the screenshot of one of my trial runs.

screen shot of my trial run
screen shot of my trial run





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