Game programming using python – Pong

Another game coded by me as an assignment for the coursera course. I was excited when i coded this nice classic game, “Pong“; as a brief explanation of the game, its a two player game where each player has a paddle and the player’s objective is to not let the ball leave the screen with the help of the paddle. If the player fails to do so, the opponent gets a point.

In this code the controls are as follows: Player1 can use the key ‘w’ to move the paddle up and ‘s’ to move it down. Similarly Player2 can use the up and down arrows to do this.

You can see the code and play the game here. The game is implemented using the online compiler codeskulptor specially designed for the course participants. All thanks to the Rice University team to help me learn interactive programming using python. A video of the game played ME Vs ME is shown below…;)


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