Glove Mouse

“Oh…god!!! I need more space to move this mouse to reach the edge of the screen!!” This thought made us to create a mouse alternative as our main project. Oh yeah! the world itself is moving towards gestures and commands. We thought why not wear the mouse instead of holding it. Well, doing a search, its not a new idea. The device has been made by several others as their projects. But it’d be cool to implement one on our own…So we carried on with the idea. The GLOVE MOUSE.

Let me start with what we planned to implement in our design. Our motive was to give the user his freedom, and give him some extra space on his table (atleast you don’t have to find another place to keep your cup of coffee and/or some snacks… 😉 😀 ). So we planned to implement the device wireless. Next thing is to make even a child to connect the device to the PC. Hence decided to try out USB plug and play(What to worry when there are ready made modules to do this…well there is something to worry… :/ ). And the basic functions of a mouse, movement, the left and right clicks and scroll.

Now what really happened!!! We began the literature survey. Teamed up and studied different RF ICs and techniques for Wireless transmission, Methods to enable USB communication and other components for the device. And in the end, some of our decisions/ findings were wrong and ultimately we end up implementing the device a wired one(which eliminate the need for the Tiva Launchpad) and communication through UART instead of USB.

The following figure shows the block diagram of our device.

glove mouse block diagram
glove mouse block diagram

The mouse buttons were the switches placed on fingers. We used an enable switch to enable the device and to avoid accidental use of the device. The Atmega328 was used in the glove section to collect several sensor data and to pack them and transmit them. The PC module was the Tiva C launchpad from Texas Instruments. This was selected because of the USB library given by TI and low cost(Teensy++ was the alternative but was costlier). Thanks to edx for the course from which we learned to use the board. But we couldn’t succeed in implementing the board as a USB HID device. And the removal of wireless functionalty made the need for tiva unnecessary. But not to alter our initial design we kept the board in the design, just collecting the pack in one UART and transmitting it through another.

Now this is our final product. Well there is some differences as there is a wire coming out of the device to the PC and we replaced the bulky cell with a lighter more powerful cellphone cell.

glove mouse
glove mouse
Glove mouse on hand (how he device will look if done wirelss). The battery was replaced with a more powerful cellphone battery.
Glove mouse on hand (how he device will look if done wirelss). The battery was replaced with a more powerful cellphone battery.

The codes used in the project is in my Github profile.

And thats it. We implemented it with very basic functionality. And the project helped us in gaining a lot of knowledge in (wireless domain mainly, because more time was spend on making the device wireless…but Oops… :/ ). 


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